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Post Conference Tour Options

Email Conference Design to book the following tours. Each tour is based on minimum numbers and must be booked by Thursday 20 December.

1. Tasman Peninsula – Convicts and Forests (1 day: February 22)

This tour heads east from Hobart, through agricultural landscapes, to the Tasman Peninsula. Features include coastal panoramas, wet and dry eucalypt forests and a prolonged (but not permanent) visit to Port Arthur penal station – a World Heritage-nominated site with an evocative interpretation of Tasmania’s convict past. The return trip incorporates a visit to a Tasmanian wildlife centre featuring Tasmanian devils, wedge-tailed eagles and a range of other wildlife.

Cost: $65 per person. Includes transport and park entry. Does not include the cost of lunch.

2. Mt Field National Park – Forests, Falls and Fagus (1 day: February 22)
The tour heads northeast from Hobart, through the farmlands of the Derwent Valley, to Mt Field National Park. The 15 km road located within the park traverses a spectacular vegetation transect – from tall Eucalyptus regnans forest adjacent to beautiful Russell Falls; through subalpine forests with a host of endemic species; high altitude rainforests dominated by conifers (Athrotaxis species) and fagus (Nothofagus gunnii); groves of pandani (Richea pandanifolia); and finally alpine heaths and moorlands by glacial lakes.

Cost: $65 per person. Includes transport and park entry. Does not include the cost of lunch.


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