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Conference Themes

Opening Plenary Speaker: Jerry Franklin

> Theme 1: Social and historical importance of old-growth forests

Keynote  Speakers: Peter Kanowski

  • Importance to current societies

  • Evolution of wet sclerophyll forests and other forest types

  • Recent history of temperate old-growth forests utilisation by aboriginal peoples and utilisation following subsequent settlement

  • Social pressures on forests

> Theme 2: Biology of old-growth forests: structure, biodiversity and ecological dynamics
Keynote  Speakers:
Antonia Lara, David Lindenmayer, Juan Armesto, Sally Aitken

  • Global range of temperate forests (comparative extent)

  • Forest types and succession

  • Ecological dynamics and natural disturbance regimes

  • Biodiversity values

  • Management of coarse woody debris

  • Genetic processes

  • Fragmentation and landscape ecology

> Theme 3: Long-term, multi-disciplinary experiments
Keynote  Speakers:
Fred Swanson, Michael Brown

  • LTERs and other long-term sites

  • Silvicultural systems trials

  • Warra, MASS, Demo, EMEND &c.

> Theme 4: Conservation and reserve management
Keynote  Speakers:
To  Be Advised

  • Forest conservation goals

  • Defining and managing reserves

  • Maintaining viable populations

  • Responses to climate change

> Theme 5: Towards ecological silviculture in old-growth forests
Keynote  Speakers:
Bill Beese

  • Retention of old-forest elements

  • Alternative harvesting methods and biodiversity implications

  • Whatever happened to clearfelling?

  • Restoration of old-forest elements

> Theme 6: Shaping old--growth forest management regimes
Keynote  Speakers:
Graham Wilkinson, Ben Cashore

  • Regulatory systems/approaches and codes of practice

  • Conservation outcomes

  • Social perceptions

  • Policy outcomes

  • Model forests

  • Regional challenges to old-growth forest management: Pacific Northwest, Australia, South America, Scandinavia, Central Europe

Closing Plenary Speaker: Juergen Bauhus


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