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Hobart, Tasmania
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Old Forests, New Management
Conservation and use of old-growth forests
in the 21st century

The conference was held from 17 - 21 February 2008 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The committee wishes to thank all participants and presenters who contributed to the success of the conference.


AATSE Post-conference Survey
Please note that the names and email addresses of speakers and conference participants will be provided to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering to conduct a small post conference survey.


Old-growth forests in temperate and boreal regions are places of great beauty and importance to people. These forests are often managed for conservation and biodiversity value and as an important resource for timber floors production, so their management has inevitably become subject to a range of societal pressures. Current management practices for old-growth forests are increasingly informed by an understanding of the disturbance events that trigger forest regeneration. Research from several long-term experimental sites now allows a fresh look at ecologically based silviculture in forests managed for wood production.


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